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Never Tell Me The Odds

This dungeon is a climactic encounter designed for a last stand scenario. Whether it be relic hunters escaping tomb dwarves and their constructs, or a sisterhood of war-witches holding an insect hoard at bay while they wait for the recovered teleportation artefact to power up; this supplement caters to escalating hoard scenarios and chapter finales of overwhelming odds.

Hordes and Hazards

This supplement is written as an open flavor dungeon. The monsters within are guided placeholders for you to place your favorite nasties. As the finale counter ticks down, the dungeon crumbles away, revealing hazards of your own theme. Is it a stone cavern which breaks away revealing a river of lava below? Or is it the ruined deck of a giant sky-shipwreck, caught in an impossibly high jungle canopy? Or perhaps it is a dungeon which crumbles away to a never-ending abyss below.
You decide.


Buy Now$3.33 USD or more

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